Junior Cook Family

Danny, Vickie, Karen, Neat, June
1961 approximately

The Junior Cook Family is 

Clinton Junior Cook
Born: 13 Nov, 1923 - Swandale, Clay, WV
Died: 23 Nov 1982 - Summersville, Nicholas, WV

Wilma Wanetta Roach
(later spelled Juanita)
Born: 17 Mar 1927 - Gassway, Braxton, WV
Died: 30 Jul 2005 - Richwood, Nicholas, WV

Vickie Ann Cook
Born: 18 Nov 1946 - Richwood, Nicholas, WV

Daniel Edmund Cook
Born: 14 Sep 1951 - Richwood, Nicholas, WV

Karen Rondell Cook
Born: 9 September 1954 - Richwood, Nicholas, WV

The family was started December 13, 1945 when Neat married June in Parkersburg, WV. This site is just a pictorial site and is not meant to be an authentic genealogy site.

Junior Cook WWII

Wilma Juanita Roach 1940s


Still Sweethearts


Junior & mother Virgie Myrtle Losh Cook

Junior & Sharon Roach

Neat & Vickie

Neat & Vickie

Neat & Vickie

Danny Cook

Danny Cook

Vickie & Danny

Junior & Danny

Vickie, Neat, Danny, Junior

Vickie, Sharon, Linda Lewis


Junior, Danny, Bob Cook, Bailey Roach, Karen

Karen & Grandma Gay Roach

Neat & Sharon Roach

Karen waiting for Grandpa Bailey in Parkersburg


Junior's Brother - Bob Cook

Virgie Myrtle Losh Cook

Danny Cook age 12


Elvis & Neat

Vickie, Grandma Gay Roach holding Vickie's Daughter Terry, Neat

Hiawatha Cook

Danny U.S. Army 1969

Neat in 1976

Vickie, Danny, Karen

Neat at Myrtle Beach Walt Howerton

Neat & Great-Granddaughter, Sarah

Neat's 75th Birthday

Karen Danny, Vickie

Bob & Danny Cook

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