Wally & Karen Howerton

Hi, we live in West Virginia, high on the mountain, (2700') nestled in the woods,
overlooking the little town of Richwood.

Our house is on the old 5 acre Cook estate which
Karen's parents, Junior & Wilma Cook built back in the 1950s.

Along with our dogs, Peaches, Chopper, Baby & Rocky
we have lots of neighbors who come to visit. 








Several local deer herds roam the ridge and compete for the corn that we put out. We've had a total of 36 deer feeding at once.

Our First two Bucks
"Buck & Bucky"

Some of our wildlife

Our friendly little Buck, "Flag" named after The Yearling. Flag was with us for almost two years. He would walk right up to us and we could hand feed him, scratch his head, etc. Some poacher got him just after he lost his antlers in January 2009. We sure do miss him!

A mom and two bear cubs visit every so often.
Can't leave trash in the back of my pickup! 
I found out the hard way! 


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