Stories for My Grandchildren

Just some thoughts and stories so they're not lost forever.

Jingle Bell Rock

Cherry Bombs

Army Helmet

Bow Wow Wants a Boy

The Coke Machine

The Old Mule

Kresge's & the Monorail

Pop & the Sunday Drive

 Pop & the Biggest Fish

The Runaway

My First Airplane Ride

Uncle Lou & the Trains

"F" in Conduct


Two Barneys

Dugan's Bakery
Golden Guernsey Milk

Poached Eggs on Toast















A Letter to my Grandchildren

As the world seems to get smaller and smaller and communication is so advanced that we can get all the information we need from TV and the internet, we as a race have become more detached from one another. In the old days tribes sat around the campfire and told stories Ė that was their entertainment but it is also how they passed on their heritage. It wasnít too awful long ago when families were born, raised and died in the same geographical area. Many of our familyís ancestors came from far away seeking a better life in America than what was available to them in Europe. Our family has origins in England, Wales, France, Germany and Austria and Iím still searching. Each of you grandchildren may have different roots depending primarily where your mother or father is from.

My charge to you is to learn the stories from your parents and grandparents. Before long you will be grown and buzzing around trying to get an education, start a career, or raise your own family. You soon wonít have time to ask, ďWhere was I born, where are my grandparents from, where is our family from?Ē I didnít start asking these questions until I was much older. By then all of my grandparents, great grandparents, aunts and uncles had passed away. I have many pictures from the old days and I donít know who they are. It disappoints me because I didnít take the time to learn when I was younger.

So please, for Grandpa Wally, take time to ask who Grandma Virgie Myrtle was or Grandpa Winfield Scott. Who fought in the War Between the States or World War II? Ask your parents to get the photographs out and show them to you so the faces burn into your memory. And if there arenít photographs just imagine what they looked like.

You need to learn these things so you can pass them on to your children. I have given you a start on these pages. I have started a family tree for each of you and plan to place it right here on the internet but I canít do it all by myself. All of you can provide me with vital information if you just ask your moms and dads!

And remember, donít forget who you are and where you came from because it will help you get to where you are going!


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